Bank Loan

A number of study loans provided by banks in Malaysia are available for students to finance their higher education.

You can contact any bank of your choice to find out if they provide education loans. Below there are 2 bank loans options that are most popular among our students.

RHB Study Loan
RHB Study Loan covers full-time and part-time courses approved by the Ministry of Education and Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam for both local and overseas education.

Loan coverage
There are 2 loan packages available, the minimum coverage is RM20,000 and maximum is up to RM500,000.

How to apply
You are required to fill up the application form and provide supporting documents. Detailed information can be found in RHB website here.

To find the nearest RHB Bank branch to your house, visit this link.


This loan is given for students who want to study locally or overseas for the courses (Diploma, Degree, Masters and PhD) which are approved by government.
Eligibility criteria
Joint borrower between the students and one co-borrower. Acceptable co-borrower are: Parents, siblings, relatives or guardians with adequate repayment capacity. Student must be 18 years old or above.     
Loan coverage
The loan covers minimum of RM10,000 to maximum of RM100,000 of course fees.    

How to apply
You must complete the application form available at CIMB Bank website and submit the application form together with photocopies of relevant documents as required by the bank.

To find the nearest CIMB Bank to your house please visit this link.